(малинина юлия)
Julia Malinina


Julia Malinina was born in Shodnya, Moscow region, in 1980.

2001 – graduated from the Moscow Art School by memory of 1905 year(diploma

with honors). 

2007 – graduated from the Surikov State Institute of Fine Arts (Studio: under the guidance of People’s Artist, Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Professor Tatyana Nazarenko). 

2006 – awarded by the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. 

2007 – training course in Germany; Berlin, UDK (University of Arts). 

2008 – Grant from the Russian Ministry of Culture, Russia. 

2008 – member of Moscow Union of Artists. 

2011 – a teacher at the Surikov State Institute of Fine Arts, works with professor Tatyana


2014 – internship at the “Cite des Arts”, Paris.

With a 2015 membership in the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Russian Union of Artists.

2016 GRAND Prix of the third International competition of architectural drawing Archigraphy 2015-16.

Work in collections:

Museum and exhibition complex of the Moscow region "New Jerusalem".

Private collections in Russia, England, Germany, Italy, China and other countries.

Since 2001 takes part in Russian and foreign exhibitions. including in UK, Italy, Germany, and Lithuania.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Personal exhibition:

2016 - "Petroleum", Omelchenko Gallery. Moscow. directory

2015 - "2015 Industrial", Centre for contemporary art FCT MSPU, Moscow. directory 

2014 - "edge of the city," Baker Mamonova Gallery. Hastings. UK. directory

2014 - "the Trumpet calls", Kovcheg gallery. Moscow.

2013 – Project “Another reality”, Artsalon – 2013. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2012 –“Moscow topography”. Manege, Moscow.

2009 –“Begrish-Gladbach” as seen by the artist, dedicated to German-Russian society’s anniversary. Villa Zanders, Germany.

Group exhibitions:

2014 – “No man’s land” as part of the 4th Moscow International Biennale exhibition of young artists. Gallery “Zamoskvorech’ye”, Moscow.

“Time ahead”, art-project “Lonely people”. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.

“3 plus 1”, Artsalon -2014. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2011 - “The spaces privileged”, Artsalon – 2011. The Central House of Artists, Moscow.

2008 – “Youth of Russia”. Was awarded by a diploma of the Russian Academy of Art for original artist’s idea. Saratov.

“Image of Russia”. Gallery, Milan, Italy.

2007 – “Academic school”, devoted to 250 years of the Russian Academy of Art. New Manezh, Moscow. 

2006 – III All-Russian competition of young artists named after P. Tretyakov, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.



Юлия Малинина

Тел.: 8 (916) 884 50 64




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INTERVIEW : With Russian artist Julia Malinina 

Lesley Samms

С уважением Юлия Малинина!

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