ALESARTE © the online Art gallery is updated daily with new additions & improvements. 

ALESARTE © is addressed to artists who are interested in publishing their artwork throughout the network to a growing world market.

ALESARTE © is ready to accept every fine artist's participation or take into consideration any proposal of cooperation.
We welcome almost any style of visual art or photography. 

You are welcome to express your opinion and/or your intention of joining our online gallery by writing a few words on our contact us page.

We plan to maintain an easy to use, comprehensive website that responds to the artist's needs and demands regarding the online promotion of their work.

This kind of promotion is already being used for several artists that have joined ALESARTE ©. Their artwork is already known worldwide.

Please note that we do not sell original artworks or multiples directly nor facilitate financial transactions between the artist and the buyer. However, if you want to buy the original artwork you may contact the artist directly.

We charge no commissions on sales.  


NEWSLETTER   TO ALL OUR MEMBERS (artists, visitors, collectors of  www.alesarte.com)

MAY 2018

Dear friends and members of ALESARTE ©

      ALESARTE © website continues its course due to your participation/contribution.

      The artwork of our members is successfully displayed in 112 countries ( 22.000 +  visitors )

      We already have overcome 10.000 facebook likes using facebook’s – free and paid – advertising services.

      Our online gallery features Greek artists but also foreign artists from 28 different countries from all over the world.

• Here are our Facebook, Google and Twitter links:





• You can also find us here:


http://pictify.saatchigallery.com/user/ALESARTE (Νew)


https://alesartegallery.tumblr.com/ (Νew)

 • Our YouTube channel with your videos:

      We are also in contact with art groups

(ART WAY https://www.facebook.com/ART-WAY-126820290766668/timeline/)

      and art galleries:

      https://www.facebook.com/Art.Space.Santorini (Santorini)           

      https://www.facebook.com/chiliartgallery/ (Athens)

• We improve our website platform in a daily basis

• Through our website we promote (free of charge) your art exhibitions and events (inform us about your event by mail: alesartegallery@gmail.com)


• Your artwork is featured on multiple pages in our website (aside from your personal page/gallery)




(If you wish you can provide us with photos of the space where you produce your artwork)


• It is now possible to communicate with members and Facebook friends through your personal page!

• We continuously enrich and update our selected external links (museums, art schools, art news, other galleries, etc.)  http://www.alesarte.com/links.php

***After completing your annual subscription you can suggest – by sending us a mail  alesartegallery@gmail.com – changes or additions to your personal page/gallery.

We are thankful to our members that continue to support ALESARTE © and contribute to our efforts with their subscriptions.

That way ALESARTE © can manage the cost of site maintenance and can keep improving its services towards participating members, visitors and friends.

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