Terms of use

The terms and conditions refer to the use of the website www.alesarte.com  (ALESARTE ©) by visitors and members.

The lists of artists (professional or amateur artists) who are included in ALESARTE© are those who wish and accept to register.

Those who wish to be included, they can contact the ALESARTE via e-mail alesartegallery@gmail.com  or Contact Us.

New artists are added when they express their interest in participation.

The participants are selected by the ALESARTE administrators in compliance with the ALESARTE detailed conditions and requirements (e.g., information and material sent, number of projects sent and the corresponding cost of publication, selected services paid or free, etc.).

When someone sends information and material via our e-mail
  or  Facebook (messenger) means that he/she agrees to publish them.

Personal information and material featured in the pages of ALESARTE are published after the agreement and acceptance of all parties involved (before the final publication an email will be sent by ALESARTE with the preview of the member’s page appearance).

All artwork presented on the website are the property of their creators and published as sent to us - at their own risk - as authentic works created by the artists themselves. The copyright of the authors is protected under national, EU and international law, strictly prohibited from any printing, reproduction, and distribution.

The ALESARTE  is not responsible for the material received from the artists, members, and advertisers.

The ALESARTE assumes no responsibility for the content of links to and from it.

The ALESARTE assumes no responsibility for any other agreements that have been concluded between artists - members and any third parties that are mentioned in ALESARTE

Visitors and members have no right to interfere with the operation or take advantage of the website, its content, and services for any purpose without the authorization of the site administrators.

The ALESARTE reserves the right- without any obligation, financial or other-towards the members or others, (in its sole discretion) to terminate the collaboration and to remove the material of the members if ALESARTE considers that the terms of use are violated or there is any action against the interest of the site

Browsing or participating in ALESARTE is your choice. If for some reason you disagree with the content, or you are not satisfied with the site and its services, you have to stop using or visiting the site.

Please note that we do not sell original artworks or multiples directly nor facilitate financial transactions between the artist and the buyer. However, if you want to buy the original artwork you may contact the artist directly

General rules for entering the “ALESARTE the online art gallery”
  • ALESARTE is open to all 2 and 3-dimensional artworks.
  • ALESARTE is open to amateur and professional artists.
  • Digital Arts & Photography are included
  • Artists - 18 years old and older - may apply.
  • Experimental and mixed techniques are welcome.
  • There is no limit to the number of images that an artist can submit.
  • If you have questions regarding the rules, please contact us at alesartegallery@gmail.com
© All of the images on this website ALESARTE © are copyrighted original artworks by the author and are protected by international copy right law. No materials in this web site may be reproduced, copied, downloaded, or used in any form without permission

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