Jane Morrison

49 Old South Street, #505
Northampton, MA  01060

(413) 387-8942




B.A.  Studio Art, Smith College, Northampton, MA; 1988

M.A. Theology and the Arts; Pacific School of Religion,

Berkeley, CA; 1998

Teacher’s Certification in Visual Arts

Westfield State College; 2001


Main Street Gallery, Northampton, MA; 1998

Logos Bookstore, Northampton, MA; 2001

Thorne’s Market Place, Northampton, MA; 2003

Town Hall, Easthampton, MA; 2004

Chamber of Commerce, Easthampton, MA; 2009

Hosmer Art Gallery, Northampton, MA; 2015

Sam’s Gallery, Northampton, MA; 2016

Anchor House of Artists, Northampton, MA; 2018

Town Hall, Easthampton, MA; 20

Anchor House of Artists, Northampton, MA; 2021



            Jane Morrison has been drawing since early childhood. Her favorite subject has always been people, so she developed her skills as a portrait and caricature artist along the way.

            After college, she had the opportunity to travel to Greece, and fell in love with the Greek islands. This led to a position as an artist on Greek cruise ships for many years, until she decided to pack up and move to her favorite island of Mykonos. It was there that she established her occupation as an artist and lived for several years. She painted scenes of the island, drew portraits and caricatures of tourists and the local Mykonians, and taught art lessons to children. Many of her paintings still hang in the harbor cafes, as well as a few murals in stores and homes.

            After she returned home, she continued her paintings inspired by her life on the islands. She’s gone through a series of different styles beginning with realism, working from the many photos she had taken. These early works were painted with brushes and minimal paint thickness. This style gradually developed into more abstract impressions, mainly from memory. In these paintings she worked with palette knives to apply thick, overlapping layers of paint.

            Her work continues to progress and evolve into new forms as her inspiration guides her.


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