Biographical Summary                       

                                                             Name: Dipankar Ray


                                                      Email: dray.abhayapuri@yahoo.co.in

                                                                 Mobile: +91 9435740167

Born on 6 Dec. 1981 and brought up in a lower middle-class family of Assam, India

had a keen interest for painting from early age.

Started painting from the second standard in school and was highly praised by teachers and others.

Oil and water - both the medium - have been experimented.

Despite financial hardship, recently organized some exhibitions in the locality at own cost and participated few another exhibitions within the state of Assam.

Participated in Exhibitions in Oslo (Norway), Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France) Oct/2017 organized by Artcomexpo, Norway where Gold medal was awarded. 

In different occasions, got felicited and honoured by the local administration and some other organizations.

Already local media has covered the exhibitions and two interviews also have been published in the local newspapers.

Name of father: Holi Ram Ray

Name of mother: Karuna Bala Ray

All are oil paintings of 3/4feet. and 3/5 feet.

Price of Paintings: Rs. 50,000.00 INR per piece


If you want to buy the original artwork, contact the Artist directly

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